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How To Turn Off the Video Auto Play on Facebook

Facebook has recently introduced a “by default” option concerning the Facebook autoplay. Every time a friend from your Facebook list publishes a video, it will automatically play. Even if you scroll down and that video no longer appears on your screen, it will still run. This, obviously, wouldn’t be a problem if you are connected to an unlimited wifi (broadband), but when it comes to prepaid/contract data on mobile dongle (phones, tablets etc) it can become an inconvenience. Plus, why waste your money on data traffic you don’t need?!

Disabling the Facebook Auto Play Video doesn’t mean you are not able to play a video. If the auto play is OFF, you can still run the videos simply by clicking on PLAY.

How to disable Facebook autoplay video:

The Autoplay video on Facebook’s App can be disabled. You can change a setting in the App to disable autoplay of video on mobile data.

facebook auto play video ios

facebook auto play video ios

Autoplay Video on WiFi Only – iOS 7

  1. Go to your Settings App
  2. Scroll down and select “Facebook” under Apps
  3. On the Facebook settings screen, select “Settings >”
  4. Then turn on “Auto-play OFF”

Autoplay Video OFF – Android

  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. Navigate to the App Settings
  3. Select the “Auto-play videos OFF” checkbox

If you are a heavy Facebook user, the difference between the Facebook Autoplay ON and facebook Autoplay Off will be quite important in your data usage optimization process.