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Check Data UsageIn order to have full control of the data usage, while renting internet wifi in Spain, we recommend to download and install in your terminal (phone or tablet) an useful app called Hi Link. The Hi Link app is available in both App Store or Play Store; that means it’s compatible with iphones, ipads or android devices.


Download Hi-Link


Android Iphone
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Hi Link is a data counter which will help you estimate quite accurately the data usage. Out of our experience Hi Link is 95% accurate.

The other method of checking the data usage is upon request; you can send us an e-mail requesting the info and we will get back to you as soon as possible, once we check the info in our intranet.

Note that the mobile internet operator in Spain only provides the information of the available data, , not where it was spent. Due to privacy reasons, no mobile operator is allowed to access the customer’s surfing history.